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I'm looking for a new job opportunity and I'm available to start right away, I'm currently in London, so I'll be happy to come for an interview.

For family reasons I had to come back to Europe and leave my job at at Hogo Digital, a digital marketing agency in Macau as a Senior Digital Designer. Besides doing digital design I also did graphic design work when needed. The team is composed by the creative director, two senior designers (including me) and two junior designers. I had to provide creative direction to the junior designers when needed and helped the creative director to manage an internship that we had. I normally work independently reporting to the creative director, but when there's a lot of work we have to create teams to find the solution quickly and meet the deadlines told to the client.

I'm a very passionate with what I do. My passion in what I do can be seen through my work and how highly I speak of it, that said I'd only put my best work forward and push the team to also do that, to believe in themselves making a better work environment therefore making better ideas flowing that would result in happy clients and more profit for the company.
I've more projects that I've worked on but as they are confidential I'm not allowed to show them online, but I'd be happy to show them over a skype call.
If you're interested in knowing more please feel free to ask any questions or if you want to work together contact me by the email or form bellow:
Thank you for your message!
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